About Us

In Business for 30+ Years “First Recital 1981”

Ms. Sharon is a native of St. Bernard Parish, she has owned and operated her dance studio and has taught dance classes to all ages for over thirty years. She prides herself with producing many well rounded dancers, many or which become Graduates of Dance.

Some have gone on further to college levels with dance scholarships and some have gone to dance professionally. Ms. Sharon, along with some of her graduate teachers, has had the pleasure of teaching and judging for competitions and auditions around the southern region, Many of her students are members and/or officers of dance and cheer teams throughout the metropolitan area.

She was awarded “Teacher of the Year” in 2011 by Dance Teachers United. She is very proud to have taught different generations of dancers and for having a reputable and loyal staff.

We Can Offer Something Unique

We are proud that we can offer something unique, that not all dancing schools can, and that is Michelle’s experience and expertise from dancing professionally. Starting in Vegas, and continuing all over the world. During her career, she was able to dance in fourteen Las Vegas shows, some of which gave her the opportunity to no only travel, but also choreograph, teach, and design costumes from one city to the next.

Through her experiences, she has danced and worked with some of the top name dancers, choreographers, producers, and continues to remain friends with many. The best thing about her time away is that she is able to bring back all she has learned about the art of performing. This combined with her excellent dance background, ensures her ability to bring out the best in our students, both young and old.